The Funding Must Be Stopped, And we all know why, and it’s not about our Policies.


Paris attack


Paris attack


Odessa massacre (Ukraine)


Odessa massacre (Ukraine)

The world reacts in shock at Paris attacks of innocent victims, and we pledge solidarity with the French people after  horrendous assaults by terrorists killed 132 people across the French capital in deadliest violence in decades.

Ethnic Russians in Ukraine were also innocent victims that were attacked, tortured, shut in the head, and burnt alive by paid Kiev supporters who new they were committing war crimes.

The first anniversary of the Odessa massacre (aka the Odessa coverup), a group of French people gathered together in Paris to pledge solidarity with the families who lost their sons and daughters, parents and friends in such a horrendous attack to our people in Ukraine. And we won’t forget that.

The news that ISIS/ISIL is financed from 40 countries, including G20 members is not only shameful but also shows that those countries involved don’t care about innocent civilians being
kidnapped, tortured and killed.

If the United States had a real leader, the Islamic State (ISIS) would already be wiped off the map.

But they don’t. And as Yousef al-Salfi, an ISIS leader in Pakistan just admitted during interrogation, ISIS is being FUNDED by the the United States and other countres. What an incredible story, as it confirms our worst fears.

Salafi told the Pakistani government that America paid $600 per terrorist recruit if they joined the fight in Syria against the West.

The American military is opposed to what ISIS is up to, but hasn’t been able to stop the funding that is flowing through America. To try to kill these rumors, the Obama administration has supported military attacks in Iraq, but have avoided the issue of Syria entirely.

It is shameful to learn that America’s leaders are involved in supporting the most oppressive regime in recent history. ISIS wants to destroy the West and Christianity, while murdering all non-believers. In Pakistan, Christians have already been slaughtered as ISIS fights to instill a Sharia regime. ISIS should be eliminated, not funded by tax dollars:

It is critical that we understand what is really going on, starting with an acknowledgement that Islam – the moderate kind – has an integral role to play. If you tell your kids that the Qu’ran represents the words of God, then they’re uniquely vulnerable to someone telling them that all the words in the Qu’ran are true, including the ones that don’t match with 21st century democracy and liberalism.

It’s absurd to carry on insisting that all this has nothing to do with the ‘religion of peace’. And it’s condescending in the extreme to behave as if any acknowledgment of this will unleash some sort of Fourth Reich in Europe – it won’t. It’s possible to distinguish between people (who deserve respect) and their ideas (which don’t). No one, of any religion or none, should be afraid to walk the streets of Europe. But it’s not ‘far-right fear-mongering’ to point out that Islam is diametrically opposed to every value that defines us, even when it’s not being used to actively harm us.

Recently, the Guardian ran a piece called “Terrorism has come about in assimilationist France and also in multicultural Britain. Why is that?” – this sort of wilfully insane questioning has gone on far too long. We all know why, and it’s not about our policies.


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