WELCOME TO GENOCIDE IN DONBASS : The U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It




October 20, 2015
By Eric Zuesse

Washington Blog

About that tragedy on May 2 in Odessa, there has been a lot written, with hundreds of photos and videos posted on the web. I have a few more to add to the overall picture, in the hope that they will help to bring some further understanding to those events.

And I still very much hope that those responsible for the brutal murder of dozens of residents of Odessa will be brought to account and be punished.

As I recall, the march was announced as purely peaceful. But looking at these people I see that the definition of “peace” in the Ukrainian reality has been perverted to quite the opposite meaning. Clubs, weapons, bulletproof vests, shields, Molotov cocktails. . . Is there still an idiot who can believe these people wanted to quietly walk through the streets of Odessa?

Next five pictures: I was surprised how quickly the “peaceful demonstrators” began the work of tearing up paving stones. They worked in teams, steadily, quickly, smoothly. Some with special hooks (Peaceful demonstrators always show up with steel hooks, right?) While some hooked and dragged paving stones, others broke them into pieces, others stacked them on Ukrainian flags, and some brought them up closer for the throwers.

Accidentally happening on the event, a policeman tried to stop the vandalism, but with shouts and foul language they got through to him that he mustn’t stop the “good Samaritans.”

Even some famous faces. An ally of Hurwitz, Yuri Borshchenko, and the younger generation of “patriots” of the SS, Pravy Sektor activist Nikolai Dotsenko.

Here they are separately: Dotsenko

And here Dotsenko. Certainly his pony tail on the head…


Above, and next two pictures: Box full Molotov cocktails already prepared and ready for use. Above, the boxful is escorted by guys wielding pipes and clubs of rebar, with plastic wrap for a handle. It’s only been 20 minutes since the beginning of the demo. All assembled from scratch in so short a time? No of course not. I have seen the box in in someone else’s post, in a photo that accidentally included it, carefully covered with cellophane, and peacefully lying near the wall of the house of Transfiguration, before the riots. Peaceful march, eh?

Here’s the box of Molotovs, close up. Note the rebar club, this one with a cord-wrap for handle.


Young toughs with club, or mallet, or pavingstone. . .

To be continued…


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