US Should Keep Calm and Help Russia in Syria


Middle East – 16:21 15.09.2015

us president Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama

Instead of criticizing the Russian policy in Syria, Washington should help Moscow to solve the Syrian crisis, French newspaper Le Figaro reported.

When it comes to Syria, everything that the United States did in Syria led to a catastrophe. After that, however, US President Barack Obama had the courage to criticize Russian policy in Syria.

“Russia needs to smarten up,” President Obama commented on Moscow’s endeavors in Syria, as cited by Le Figaro.

Look who’s talking now. The French newspaper couldn’t believe such comments were coming from the Americans of all people. Wasn’t the United States responsible for starting the conflicts all over the Middle East to begin with?

Instead of trying to mock the Russians in Syria, the United States should keep quiet and help Russia to solve the ongoing Syrian conflict. Russia and Syria are long-time allies that have had close relations in both politics and economy.

Moscow wants Bashar al-Assad to stay in power and create a new working government which will include all Syrian political parties, except radical Islamists. Russia’s involvement in the Syrian crisis is essential, as Moscow has always advocated for the creation of a broad coalition to fight against the Islamic militants.

The United States on the other hand is willing to cooperate with al-Qaeda, the infamous Islamist terrorist organization, just to topple the secular government of al-Assad. This is a dangerous and counterproductive strategy that will hurt Washington in the long-run.


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