Military training young children to a “summer camp neo-Nazi” in Ukraine. The recruitment of “child soldiers” would it be financed by military aid “non-lethal” US?


By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 10, 2015

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Unbeknownst to most Americans, the US government provides financial support, weapons and training to a neo-Nazi entity as part of the National Guard of Ukraine, the Battalion Azov (Батальйон Азов). Canada and Great Britain have confirmed that they also gave their support to the National Guard.

The Azov battalion, which sports “officially” the Nazi emblem SS (bottom left) is described by the regime in Kiev of “battalion trained volunteers called to defend the territory.” This is a battalion of the National Guard under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the equivalent of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Officially based in Berdyansk, along the Azov Sea, the Azov battalion was formed by the regime to repress the uprising of the opposition in the Donbass region (east and south of Ukraine).


Emblem of Azov battalion formed by the junta in Kiev

Black Sun of the Nazis

Emblem of the SS Das Reich division

Military training young children to fight against the Russians

The Azov battalion, with the support of its Western partners, is involved in paramilitary operations in eastern Ukraine. But there’s more. According to various articles, including one published by the Kyiv Post (newspaper of Ukraine), the Azov battalion organized a military training summer camp for young children as part of a training program and more general indoctrination.

According RT:

The camp was created to show the children that life is not just to school and to mobile devices and to “express our love,” said the Ukrainian channel ICTV Azov a battalion commander and platoon instructor at camp Oleksii appointed. We must be strong and courageous to defend the integrity of our motherland, he added. (Article RT)

Western media sources (quoted by the Kyiv Post) confirms that children as young as six years (see images below) are participating in the Azov summer camp battalion in the district of Vodytsya outside Kiev.


On the banner, it says: Iдея B Нації, сила В тобі, which roughly translates the idea of nation, the power in you.

The photos above confirm that many of the participants are young children and not teenagers.

The Kyiv Post, condemning Western media for their biased coverage, nonetheless recognizes the evil nature of the proposed military training:

(…) This very special camp is led by the Azov Battalion, founded by the Parliamentary Andriy Biletsky, his former commander. In this summer camp, located in a wooded area of the district in Kyiv Vodytsya Pushcha, children do not just play soldiers; they receive a proper military training by the soldiers who fought at the front in the war of Russia against Ukraine.

Called Azovets, the camp has been the subject of negative coverage in the Russian media, on websites and even pro-Russian in the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

“Summer Camp neo-Nazi: members of Azov battalion of Ukrainian show children how to wield AK-47s (PHOTOS)”. This is the title given RT has that control the Kremlin, in his article about the camp.

“Shocking pictures taken in a neo-Nazi military camp shows older recruits of just SIX years to learn to handle weapons and shooting (even if a cease-fire)”, as the Daily Mail in an article sensationalist and inaccurate. (Kyiv Post, August 29, 2015)

While the Kiev regime denies that the Azov battalion is a neo-Nazi entity, the battalion’s logo and that of summer camp Azovets (sported T-shirts summer camp) are a Wolfsangel,

a Nazi symbol SS, with the “Nazi black sun” watermark.


T-shirts, logo Wolfsangel a symbol of the SS Das Reich division


Recruitment of child soldiers

The summer camp of the training program is the first stage of the recruitment of child soldiers, in contravention of international law.

Invariably the recruitment of child soldiers includes a training program to familiarize young children in the use of lightweight automatic weapons.

Military trainers are dispatched paramilitary battalion Azov summer camp (see the Nazi SS badge on the uniform below):


Tattoo of a Nazi insignia on the arm of a trainer Azov battalion


























The Kyiv Post article describes in detail the nature of the “Summer neo-Nazi camp.” Confirm that reporting is an entity within the National Guard of Ukraine (funded by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) forms and indoctrinate young children to art of war:

The summer camp Azovets accepts children of members of Azov battalion, as well as children from the neighboring district Obolon in Kyiv and more remote areas. It opened June 22 and offers programs of activities a week in groups of 30-40 children. Officially, the camp is for children 9-18 years old, but some as young as 7 years. Some children have participated in activities several weeks away.

This raises the most controversy is that the camp is run by fighters of Azov battalion, some of which are considered supporters of the extreme right and neo-Nazis. Opponents say that the symbol of the battalion is reversed Wolfsangel, an indirect but embarrassing association with Nazism.

In previous interviews with Ukrainian media, Biletsky said that the symbol was misinterpreted. The letters “I” and “N” that form the badge of Azov battalion mean “national idea”.

Biletsky founded a neo-Nazi group in Ukraine called Social-National Assembly and it is clear that the battalion has neo-Nazis in their ranks, some even wearing Nazi tattoos. Some media reported that up to 20% of its fighters are neo-Nazis, and press officers of the battalion were still struggling to explain that military training does not share the ideology of its founder Biletsky or she does other ideology has a fervent patriotism.

When the Kyiv Post visited the camp Azovets August 19, the children were engaged in a series of activities including the disassembly and assembly of AK-47 assault rifles, target shooting (with air guns tablet) over the defense against aggression, practicing stances and patrols. They also practiced various sports and games, were climbing and rappelling, and participating in activities related to Scouting or crafts like making knots.


“I’m here for only three days, but I realized that this is not a camp where one is just playing. We receive military training here, “said one of the camp’s children in the Kyiv Post.

In the forest near the camp, a group of children receives advice on the safety of a weapons trainer of Azov battalion.

“Do you know what would happen if you let your fingers on the trigger? If it was a real gun, you could kill your comrades. So do not do that! “Yells the instructor.

“Yes, sir,” meet the children.

The children then simulate the evacuation of wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

It is clear that the militaristic atmosphere in the camp, including the rigorous discipline, affects some children.

“I got very short hair cut yesterday announced a boy. This is what I wanted. I look more like a soldier now. ”

Two older children who, like many other camp, have given war names (Medic and physicist) to do as the real soldiers of Ukraine, expressed their desire to join the Azov battalion.

“I want to defend my homeland. Comrades share my opinion. I think if it’s necessary, I will fight, “explained physicist, 17, the Kyiv Post.

Camp Children are divided into four groups, depending on their age, each under the direction of a trainer and caregiver. The camp day begins at 7 am and ends stack to 23 hours. Children sleep in tents.

Access to the website battalion Azov and sites that support has been closed to the public last September when the battalion was integrated with the National Guard of Ukraine, but the camp has a page on the social network Vkontakte Russian (, where we actually promoting. One can also apply to become a volunteer or contact the camp to send their children there.

The page description reads: “The mission of the camp: the Ukrainian form of the new era, a patriot who is willing to actively participate in the construction and defense of Ukraine.”


The military and patriotic songs that children sing every day and are part of the camp program seem to be one of the most popular activities among children. Late in the evening around a campfire, they hum their favorite patriotic songs, which date back to the days of old struggles for independence of Ukraine, in the early to mid-twentieth century.

The Kyiv Post listened to the words of one of these songs. There was talk of victory of Ukrainian soldiers on their enemies.

Today, the enemy is Russian. A boy sitting on a log whisper softly, “I want this war to end and we will kill all the Russians” (. Kyiv Post, August 29, 2015, emphasis added)

(To read the full article in the Kyiv Post staff writer Faina Nakonechnaya, click here.)

US military aid

This diabolical initiative, which incites hatred on innocent children against ethnic Russians and opponents of the regime Kiev, is widely supported by US military aid given to the National Guard of Ukraine through the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is this ministry that coordinates the “counterterrorism operation” in the Donbass.

While the US Congress has adopted amendments to its “2015 Appropriation Act to the Department of Defense” to block the formation of neo-Nazi battalion Azov, in fact, the money continues to go to.

In addition to military aid under the Pentagon, the National Guard of California has partnered with the National Guard of Ukraine, of which the Azov Battalion:

“The mission of the partnership program California-Ukraine [under the auspices of the National Guard of California] is ​​to promote democracy, free market economies and a military reform, establishing long-term institutional affiliations (…) The California-Ukraine partnership directly supports the objectives of the US ambassador to Ukraine and the commander of US Forces in Europe. (…) (Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), Head: LTC Tracey D. Rueschhoff)

Scroll down the page to see pictures showing “freedom fighters” of Azov battalion.

These are the people that form Ukrainian children in the use of AK-47 at the Summer neo-Nazi camp. All for a good cause, “the development of democracy”, in the words of New York Times.

Just think what would happen if the National Guard of California showed symbols that resemble swastikas on their uniforms.

National Guard of California, October 2013. Fight against fires in southern California.

Michel Chossudovsky

Original article in English:

Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazi Summer Camp”. Recruitment of Ukraine’s “Child Soldiers”

Financed by US “Nonlethal” Military Aid?,

Published August 30, 2015.

Translated by Daniel for


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