Donbass Combat Training w/Song

Published on Jul 26, 2015

“Prove yourself – what are you? But a dog or a knight? Come to learn this one too: That’s the taste of real fight! And when friend hits the dirt, spilling blood on the plain, When you wail over this most terrible loss. When you feel as if scalped, since your buddy was slain, and not you – and this will be your cross.”
“Ballad of Struggle” – by Vysotski

No Russian Troops in Ukraine- Obama still wants War

Obama Admits US “Brokered” Coup in Ukraine

US Started Ukraine Civil War *PROOF* Nov 20, 2013

US Army in Ukraine Since Sept 2014

Save Donbass from US War Crimes

“Open Hand Now a Fist” to Kiev,USA”

Kiev Officers Defy Kiev,USA’s Genocide in Ukraine

American Teaches Kiev Soldiers Not to Have Emotions in War

Kiev Major General Defects to DPR

Obama Hypocrite of the Year

Damn Obama & Poroshenko!!! Wake up America!

US Legacy in Ukraine

US Goal in Ukraine

Separatist Vows to Fight Kiev,USA

US General, “start killing Russians”


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