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The truth always wins out

By Ainhoa Aristizabal

This site can be used by international lawyers, jurists, political leaders, and human rights organizations working to end civil wars between governments and their own people. Here you will find articles related to this attempt to use diplomatic means to end military actions.

Few countries in the international community have stated unequivocally that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko must halt his campaign of killing and crimes against his own people now.

He must step aside and allow a democratic transition to proceed immediately. Furthermore, through its repeated violations of human rights any government that indiscriminately kills its own people loses its legitimacy. Poroshenko’s regime has lost its legitimacy, and its right to rule the country. This situation demands an international response, and for that reason international lawyers have been leading efforts within the international community to pressure President Poroshenko to stop his violence against his own people and to step aside.

Unfortunately, this terrible situation has no simple answers. And so the result is a great deal of anger and frustration that we all share. There are some members who are concerned about whether it has been done enough to stem the violence in Ukraine and that is understandable. There are others who are concerned about the dangers of getting involved in another conflict and that too is understandable. But participating in a diplomatic approach may bring the much desire end to hostilities.

The turmoil in Ukraine is clearly part of a larger transformation that has been reshaping eastern Europe for many years. The change we’ve seen manifests itself through peaceful protests and negotiations aimed at more responsive governments but also, in some cases, violent uprisings and brutal crackdowns from repressive regimes.

Many countries have been affected by these changes. Although each conflict has its own dynamic, it is part of a broader trend that is fundamentally and irreversibly reshaping the politics of the world.

Although this is clearly a challenging and unpredictable period of time, our goal must be to encourage governments to do more to ensure that their people live in peace and prosperity, and recognize their rights to self-determination if this is what it is preferred.

Those promoting diplomatic solutions have determined to do everything they can to positively shape the course of events in eastern Ukraine. But each situation – by virtue of the politics, geography, and history of each country – is unique, and demands a unique response. There can be no cookie cutter approach for a region as complex and volatile as eastern Europe.

As Dr Levy wrote, “we live in a virtual world. While court rooms are still necessary, there exists the technology to supplement traditional methods of justice. Judges often conduct hearings via Internet while the accused are held elsewhere. Jurists and attorneys from around the world could act as judges, advocates for the defence and prosecution. International lawyers commissioned by Novorossiya could file actions to seize assets of blood stained Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians with bank accounts and property outside Ukraine for the benefit of the victims and their families. There are dozens of international lawyers who would help and they in turn know dozens more.”

We hope that the lawyers, jurists and political leaders currently helping Basques to reach a peaceful solution to their much desire independence from Spain and France can be obtained without having to go to war.. The same goes for the Donbas region in Southeast Ukraine.

We hope to achieve a solution thanks to those donating their time to peace and freedom.

A BIG Warm hug to all of you!

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